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Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management     

(download pdf for testing programs)

Statement of Commitment:
Gregory & Howe Inc. is committed to providing clients with the most professional, accurate and defensible drug and alcohol testung program available. We will provide the highest quality services possible in all components of our program. It is with this “heightened sense of awareness” that we can achieve our goal of 100% flawless management, collection, testing and reporting services. Only then can we be certain that our clients and their employees’ interests are protected and maintained.

List of Services:

  • COMPLETE Management and Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs
  • Review/Write Company Policies with regards to Drug and Alcohol Testing guidelines (Federal & State) when applicable.
  • Consultation as it pertains to the Drug and Alcohol Testing program.
  • 24 Hour / 7 Days Per Week availability for post accident or reasonable cause drug and alcohol testing.
  • Ensure all Drug and Alcohol Testing is processed through S.A.M.H.S.A certified laboratories.
  • Objectively review and provide Medical Review Officer services.
  • Objectively review and provide network of collection facilities throughout the US.
  • Provide breath and alcohol testing locations.
  • Maintain all breath alcohol technician certifications for ALL alcohol testing locations.
  • Maintain calibration logs of breath alcohol testing locations.
  • Provide both Drug and Alcohol MIS reports.
  • Provide annual summary of Drug and Alcohol Testing in addition to MIS reports.
  • Provide Random Selection and Notification Program (Validated by IBT and passed FHWA, FAA and USGG audits.)
  • Provide blind quality control specimens
  • Retain back up records for all drug and alcohol testing.
  • Provide one invoice billing
  • Ordering of all supplies for the program.
  • Supervisor and employee education and training programs.
  • Contractor monitoring for compliance
  • Maintain laboratory quarterly reports.
  • Assist in DOT audits
  • Split-Bottle Testing and Procedure Services
  • Background Investigation Services.

Drug Testing is Rated #1:
Pre-Employment Tool for Employers Become:

  • One of the only objective methods for employees to screen potential employees.
  • Outsourcing to a Professional Management Company (Third Party Administrator) limits the liability of the company, insures objective ongoing review of testing procedures, methodologies, laws and regulations.
  • Workers Compensation Premiums have been reduced up to 63.7% by companies who have implemented a drug free workplace program.
  • Helps create a safe and healthier workplace and improves employee morale.

Drug Testing Process:
Upon review of the company drug and alcohol testing policy and approval from management, Gregory & Howe provides all company locations with an information package that explains the entire process and identifies the specific collection site for each company location.


Alcohol Testing Process:

Upon review of the company drug and alcohol testing policy and approval from management, Gregory & Howe provides all company locations with an information package that explains the entire process and identifies the specific collection site for each company location.

How Much is Substance Abuse Costing Your Company?
Based on extensive research by the United Sates Navy, the average cost of each drug abusing employee is about $6,600 annually.

The national average is 17% of a company’s population has a substance abuse problem.

Company has 100 employees
100 x 17% = 17 employees with a substance abuse problem
17 employees x $6,600 = $112,000 annual cost due to substance abuse

4,400 employees x 17% = 748 employees with a substance abuse problem
748 employees c $6,600 = $4,936,800 in annual costs due to substance abuse
Individuals who use drugs or alcohol are:
• 2.5 times more likely to have extensive absence
• 33% less productive
• 3.6 times more likely to be injured or cause a co-worker to be hurt
• 5 times more likely to file a workers compensation claim

Gregory & Howe’s Random Program
Standard Operating Procedure For Random Selection and Notification Process

The random selection process is impartial. It is designed to assure equal opportunity of selection for each and every individual on each and every selection date.

General Description:
The Gregory & Howe “Ransam Program” is a computer generated ransom selection program that has withstood the scrutiny of validation studies. Employees’ files are entered into the program and can be deleted based on confidential data provided by the employer. The rate of individuals to be tested on an annual basis are the rate and frequency of testing will be determined by the employer and where applicable, Federal Regulations.

Creation of a Random File:

When a company decides to participate in Gregory & Howe’s Ransam Program we provide a list of employees with the following information:
• Employee’s Name or Employee Number
• Date of Birth (optional)
• Social Security Number
• Job Description
• Employee’s Work Location

This information can be provided on an ASCII file or computer printout.

A specific data file is then created which includes:
• Percentage to be tested annually
• Frequency of testing (DOT regulations require that random testing be distributed equally throughout the 12 months of the year.)


Results are available in whatever format and technology best suits our clients needs
e-mail, fax, telephonic, web based….